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Born in Livorno - Italy - now she lives in Montescudaio (Pisa). She attended for two years the photography school of Giuliana Traverso "Woman Photographer" in Genoa during which she approaches to social reportage photography, she embarks on a journey from freelancers who sees her collaborating with non-profit associations for the realization of some reportage in Ukraine, Bosnia, Romania.In 2015/2016 he attended a reportage masterclass at WSP in Rome with photographers: Fausto Podavini, Paolo Marchetti, Giovanni Cocco, she collaboration continues with WSP attending the course "Pro photographers" held by Paolo Marchetti.From 2013 Eleonora Carlesi is carring out a long-term project about the consequences of war on women.During 2018/2019 she works on a project about voluntary activity of the main ONG in Livorno's territory  and organized by the Foundation Laviosa.

In March 2020 she did a job in Moria's refugee camp in Lesvos.



2020 Rosignano - Teatro Sala Concerti

2019 Perugia - Galleia Istanti

2019 Viterbo - Galleria Collettivo 42

2019 Livorno - Museo Fattori

2018 Follonica - Galleria Casa Azul

2017 Baratti - Casa Esagono

2017 Napoli - Castel dell'Ovo

2017 Milano - Mediateca of Brera

2016 Forlì - Sala dei XC Pacifici

2016 Livorno - Fortezza Nuova

2016 Lucca - Fondazione Lazzareschi

2015 Firenze - Villa Strozzi

2015 Amantea - “15° Spazio Portfolio Italy”

2014 Bibbiena - CIFA Italian Center of Author Photography

2014 Sassoferrato - “Facephotonews“

2013 Lucca - “Photolux Festival Off”

2013 Bibbiena – Fotoconfronti Off

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